Job shadowing reflection 2

  1. I learned many things during my experience some of them are that I am not interested in this career because the hours and very long and that they have to many responsibilities and I don’t think that i can handle that.  2. To be honest I think I did pretty good on the presentation because I got all the required stuff I need on the rubric and I got a A on the assignment.  3.  Some techniques I could incorporperate is to have less mistakes in my speech during my presentation so that I don’t mess up any words while I am talking. 4. If there I was anything I could have added better pictures to go along with my slides. 5.  I wish I would have added better pictures. If I could present my presentation again I wouldn’t mess up my talking while i’m talking.  Now that I have reflected on my presentation, I think I’m pretty satisfied with the grade I got on my project.

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The month about my african brothers.

Hello and welcome to my blog. The person that inspires me on black history month is a tv show creator called Chris rock. He created a old but funny show on B.E.T called “Everybody hates Chris”. It shows chris developing as a character throughout the whole show and even though everybody basically hated him he never gave up and kept on going which is very inspirational and funny at the same time. Chris rock was also very inspirational because he accomplished many many things like write tv shows be a actor, and a comedian. He was a very successful person and he is one of the very many african american’s that prove that african american’s can be successful people also.

My favorite holiday

My favorite and only holiday I celebrate is Christmas. I personally think it is a good holiday because not only are you learning about Jesus but you are also getting free presents and celebrate with Jesus. Also, not only do we get presents the homeless people in the country get lots of help too. Lots of people start working at the homeless shelters and helping people on the streets, doing good deeds and almost everyone being in a good mood. The person that created Christmas was pope Julius 1 when he official announced that December 25th, the birth of Jesus was declared Christmas. Even though Christmas is celebrated on December 25th, some people celebrate Hanukkah instead because of their culture. So instead of having Christmas one day and a Christmas tree with presents underneath, people that celebrate Hanukkah have a candle with nine branches called the candelabrum and they give presents multiple days instead of one and they have their one festivities.  The second best the about Christmas is the festive for it.  You can wear ugly Christmas sweaters, decorate the Christmas tree watch Christmas shows on TV with family, hot chocolate, decorating your house with Christmas lights and the Christmas parties during the holiday.

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